Singularity Hub Membership — Celebrating Two Years With New Features

Singularity Hub
Singularity Hub Membership — Celebrating Two Years With New Features

futuristic tunnel

The Singularity Hub Membership Program is celebrating its second anniversary and the community is more passionate about the future than ever!

That’s right, the membership program launched in 2012 and has been a great way for tech enthusiasts, innovators, futurists, entrepreneurs, and Singularity University alumni to connect with each other, watch videos on disruptive technology, and support Singularity Hub. In that time, many Hub readers have joined this exclusive program and 2014 is set to be our best year ever.

To celebrate an already incredible program, we’ve added even more features:

  • Members-Only Forums:  Now available through the main website, members can learn more about each others’ interests, startups, and initiatives every day!
  • New Payment System: Our much easier-to-use payment system is live. Sign up for a monthly, quarterly, or annual plan – you can even give a membership as a gift to a friend or loved one!
  • Topical Google Hangouts: Soon-to-be-launched Google Hangouts will help members from across the world get together virtually to discuss the latest robots, medical breakthroughs, virtual-reality gadgets and more!

These features are sure to provide even more content and connections to inspire members. But this is just the beginning – we have a lot in store for Singularity Hub this year and members will get a front row seat on it all.

So if you’re passionate about emerging technologies, the grand challenges facing humanity, and being part of the Singularity University community online, check out our membership page today and learn all that the program has to offer, then sign up and join us!

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[images: Mind network and Futuristic interior courtesy of Shutterstock]


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