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Monsanto Buys Planting Technology Company. #bigcitizen

Monsanto Buys Planting Technology Company – http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052702304707604577422162132896528.html?mod=whats_now


http://ow.ly/hiwlb Article on #BigData #

http://ow.ly/hiwlb Article on #BigData #Democracy. Up-#Educate Yourself and participate in the new Democracy. Help more with more data. #AI

http://ow.ly/hiwlb Article on #BigData #

http://ow.ly/hiwlb Article on #BigData #Democracy. Up-#Educate Yourself and participate in the new Democracy. Help more with more data. #AI

New Frontiers and Critical Questions: Moving Governance Research Forward

See on Scoop.itBoard Governance for Non-Profits

Several insights into the world of nonprofit governance have emerged in recent years, yet much remains to be explored. This article discusses five areas for future inquiry.

EcoCitizens‘s insight:

Additional emerging considerations for Board Directors.

See on www.nonprofitquarterly.org

Five things board directors should be thinking about

See on Scoop.itBoard Governance for Non-Profits

EcoCitizens‘s insight:

Here is a comprehensive list of key questions to ask yourself if you are on a board or considering joining a board.  I will review and address specific questions in regards to EcoCitizens and post for any who are considering board membership with EcoCitizens.

See on www.spencerstuart.com

Ecocitizens Mission Statement. Board Member Open Call. Think #GlobalFuture, Act #GlobalNow.

Dear Fellow Citizens,

As the urgency and vision on the variable existence of advancing biomerge and intelligent technologies increases, EcoCitizens is seeking to launch more quickly to ensure a global citizen voice will be heard, educated, and present at the powermaker table.

Please read the preliminary Mission Statement and make contact to inquire as to how you may be of help as a strategic partner, a community leader, or a board member.  We are still in development as a non-profit and seek citizen engagement to further the organization and act as a model for cooperative global citizenry endeavors.


Mission Statement:

EcoCitizens’ mission is to help guide the global citizenry through the exponential advancement of technology across multiple sectors as it is employed to save, enhance, and redefine human life and the environment.  EcoCitizens will seek to develop broad-based, innovative, strategic partnerships to monitor intelligent technology, inform the global citizenry on rapid technology adoption, advocate for accelerated education and human intelligence to adapt to technology proliferation, and apply variable thought to the perpetual development and advancement of technology. 


Your time and attention is appreciated.



#NYT dismantles #environment desk. They should have partnered with #citizens and #tech co’s to #automate


Article-fresh alert over effects of #globalwarming. Will we change now finally?


USA TODAY #CES2013 5 things to know article. Can you see #AI?


Humans are creating the #Biomerge and #AI. You cannot avoid responsibility. Think #GlobalFuture.

Dear All,

This is happening quickly and it’s happening now.  Many of the creators of this technology are very positive and forward thinking folks.  These folk are also very intelligent and rapid thinkers, but that does not necessarily make them wise or able to understand what they are creating or for what purposes the wealthy and powerful humans may wish to possess it.

This is not a science fiction movie.

You are being informed to the core of your being at this very moment that you need to get involved and discuss with your family and community and lawmakers how this technology is being developed and how transparent it is being made to all equal citizens.

Most importantly, you need to understand that the two, the Biomerge and AI, will affect you simultaneously and in challenging ways.  The Biomerge will begin with what Ray Kurzweil calls the Singularity which is when Humans merge with Technology to the point that resources become infinitely more available for healthy and much longer living.  Sounds good, right?  It’s good as long as citizens remain free to pursue their interests in a non-paranoid and non-threatening environment.  This is fraught on two accounts: 1) we do not have the wisdom to rule ourselves into bliss presently as it is; 2) Artificial Intelligence, if poorly or maliciously constructed, could develop anti-human consciousness that sees us as a threat to be eradicated or used.

This is not to say that we should not pursue the Biomerge or AI.  In fact, I argue that we should pursue both vigorously as each will hold significant promise for solving some of our worst issues at hand such as Global Warming.  However, this is not the type of technology that the mantra “move fast and break stuff” should apply, especially if what gets broken are billions of humans.

Citizens, you have responsibility and power to engage in rational and wise discussions.  You need to exercise that voice with research and kindness as your guide.