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New @DataONE Portal Easy Access to #Environment #Data. #climatedenial subsides!


Public can now gain access to more and more credible and multi-sourced data that will take the politics and guesswork out of understanding the changes to our environment.

It’s time to educate yourself with the right tools to understand climate change in the present and into the future. Remember the debate on the ozone layer? Do you deny its effects? Best Ecocitizens


@USDA Declares #Natural #Disaster In 26 States Hit By #Drought. So how would small govt handle this? Serious thoughts?


Is there a way to preserve or advance individual rights or states rights in such a pervasive climate disaster, notwithstanding current interstate commerce judicial ruling?

If there is no planning to preserve these rights now, national and global governance will dominate the citizens in climate change disasters just like they dominated the lives and social structures of the citizens corralled into public housing in the middle of the twentieth century.

Canada attacks environment. Citizens got what they voted for. Now we all suffer.


@SanJosé Uses @SolarCity for its #Green #Vision – 100% #Renewables by 2020. Yes!


This is a great step that speaks volumes for the city citizens and their representational government. Congrats to the citizens for also doing their individual part in increasing renewables purchasing. I applaud the workaround to cashflow challenges with capital investment by purchasing solar service. My only concern is that who owns the power then truly owns the power. It is something to consider in making a choice like leasing a car vs buying.