#Stimulus Backed #Green #Energy Co Goes Bankrupt via @heritage. Disappointed too but everyone handwashes.


Any ecocitizen would agree that this article supports the idea that federal decision-making is not acting in our best interests with mature and thoughtful reasoning. Even when faced with reasonable documentation to inform that an appropriation of CITIZEN funds would not have the highest HIGHEST probability of success, decision-makers chose to more than likely squander green energy investment that would offer the best chance at creating jobs now while securing a sustainable earth for our beloved future generations. If we love our partners and children now, do we not equally care about our children’s children?

Next, any ecocitizen that understands how interdependent relationships work would not be confused at any disclosure of liberal handwashing as that is how most all humans organize themselves and their ability to navigate themselves in their environment regardless of political or any affiliation. In fact the Citizens United movement is a conservative movement that seeks to codify corporate handwashing through monetary contributions as a freedom of speech right. That’s for the courts to review right now or for human citizens to seek a vote on Amendment 28 if that’s important to do to keep the political playing field even between individual human souls. Albeit, it is interesting to see the alleged connections between the stakeholders in this unfortunate turn of events.

Ecocitizens are taking notice. Big Brother is not just the government anymore.


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