Corporate #Bully: @Vermont Caves To @Monsanto. @obama #itgetsbetter – not yet. #gmo #gay #life

Here is the truth about “It gets Better” as it really extends to a larger promise for any type of bullying.  If you are big enough, you can bully the collective sovereignty of human spiritual entities of an entire state who had chosen to govern their space in a way that they deemed wholesome and wise.

This is not to create despair but to reveal the truth and lift you out of the matrix of complacency.  If you don’t mind giving your sanctity of life and environment over to beach-and-penthouse executives, then by all means continue to live in a muddled world of labeled lies and butchery of the freedom of speech intention; otherwise, good Vermonters and other state dwellers, get out there and tell your representatives to pass this bill.  You can find your rep on

And the same goes for the gay young folk as the intended recipient of “it gets better”: be prepared to continue to feel perpetually young and bullied in the face of larger and larger forces as you get older and continue to utilize, create, and align with forces that stand vigilant and resolved on the wisdom of the sanctity of each human soul.  No human left behind.



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