How To Be a Great #Leader (6 characteristics) from @PsyBlog. Plus #eco #citizen perspective

Interesting article on 6 characteristics that propel citizens in leadership.  Having risen through the ranks of a large organization during rapid expansion,  I can attest to the value add of the employment of these characteristics in the perception of colleagues as well as the affect on organizational progress when maximizing more of these qualities rather than fewer.

However, my current vision as part of ecocitizens organized under a perpetually sustainable good wise kind set of principles is one that harkens back to an intention of democratic frameworks that each citizen has the innate and divine capability to enhance these leadership qualities as a responsibility for engaging in the present moment and kindly challenging fellow citizens to do the same for a healthier citizenry, spirit, and environment.

It is important to remain aware of the limitations of citizens to acknowledge or accept the larger movements and sanctity of fellow citizens all functioning in different capacities where it may cause the despair in comparison either offensively or defensively.  If you remember to apply good wise kind principles in difficult moments with others, you may find some broader space of mind to consciously affect your mental path and possibly inspire others through sustainable leadership.



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