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DIARY – Global Environment


Updated diary of environmental conferences and regulatory proceedings.


@RonPaul #president #campaign #finance #transparency. Applause for his good wise kind operation


This article highlights how transparent Ron Paul’s presidential campaign is running its operation.

His campaign is to be applauded as a leader in the respect for human dignity as it relates to understand and wisely and kindly make full and considered decisions on those who will manage their sacred human and environmental space (as we have set up our political management system currently).

To scoff or note this transparency as naive is the more immature stance from those who prefer to couch their position or to dwell in cagey and hidden strategies.  Indeed the time grows that openness and trust are being more fully understood to yield the spiritual and peaceful sustainable human evolution. 


Corporate #Bully: @Vermont Caves To @Monsanto. @obama #itgetsbetter – not yet. #gmo #gay #life


Here is the truth about “It gets Better” as it really extends to a larger promise for any type of bullying.  If you are big enough, you can bully the collective sovereignty of human spiritual entities of an entire state who had chosen to govern their space in a way that they deemed wholesome and wise.

This is not to create despair but to reveal the truth and lift you out of the matrix of complacency.  If you don’t mind giving your sanctity of life and environment over to beach-and-penthouse executives, then by all means continue to live in a muddled world of labeled lies and butchery of the freedom of speech intention; otherwise, good Vermonters and other state dwellers, get out there and tell your representatives to pass this bill.  You can find your rep on congress.org.

And the same goes for the gay young folk as the intended recipient of “it gets better”: be prepared to continue to feel perpetually young and bullied in the face of larger and larger forces as you get older and continue to utilize, create, and align with forces that stand vigilant and resolved on the wisdom of the sanctity of each human soul.  No human left behind.


#DIARY – #Global #Environment. Complete listing of upcoming conferences and regulations


This is a brilliant and comprehensive listing of upcoming tier 1 govenment and global conferences and regulations across all environmental sectors.  If nothing else, you should find the overview of world activity and commitment interesting if you don’t have the capacity to attend.


#Pesticide, @EPA faulted in #bee die-off. Vote of no-confidence in EPA to solve independently


It may very well “bee” that the pesticide is not being applied correctly or that it’s only a piece of the problem.

I encourage you to watch Vanishing of the Bees and you’ll see more context and reason to call for wise action to require quick decisive and sustainable solutions which neither play toward emotion nor toward large corporate interests.  Think through the impact on future generations and not just the present.


#Infographic: Tallest #Mountain to Deepest #Ocean Trench | OurAmazingPlanet.com


Terrific infographic that provides immediate overview of the heights and depths of our environment.  It makes me consider the development of a mental/spiritual infographic as an abstract overlay to the perceived physical world.


How To Be a Great #Leader (6 characteristics) from @PsyBlog. Plus #eco #citizen perspective


Interesting article on 6 characteristics that propel citizens in leadership.  Having risen through the ranks of a large organization during rapid expansion,  I can attest to the value add of the employment of these characteristics in the perception of colleagues as well as the affect on organizational progress when maximizing more of these qualities rather than fewer.

However, my current vision as part of ecocitizens organized under a perpetually sustainable good wise kind set of principles is one that harkens back to an intention of democratic frameworks that each citizen has the innate and divine capability to enhance these leadership qualities as a responsibility for engaging in the present moment and kindly challenging fellow citizens to do the same for a healthier citizenry, spirit, and environment.

It is important to remain aware of the limitations of citizens to acknowledge or accept the larger movements and sanctity of fellow citizens all functioning in different capacities where it may cause the despair in comparison either offensively or defensively.  If you remember to apply good wise kind principles in difficult moments with others, you may find some broader space of mind to consciously affect your mental path and possibly inspire others through sustainable leadership.


10 Ways Our Minds Warp #Time perceptively — @PsyBlog. Adds consideration to flexibility and notion of your mind


I mostly am sharing this article as a thinking block in the larger mental construction of consciously changing your mind and human existence.  The value of the actual 10 items is up to you to consider and evaluate independently.


#GOOD Mag: Transparency – Saving Water with Everyday Choices map


This is a terrific map on how to make better choices in saving water.  There is a lot of discussion on the impending water crisis.  Specifically the issue is freshwater.  More specifically, it is how that freshwater can get to your local water table and usable for you and your community’s needs to stay alive and healthy.  While we wait on some tech advances which are in the works but not necessarily scalable to all 7 billion human entities, we need to act responsibly and consider how our choices affect our citizenry now and in the future if for no other reason than to ensure we can remain above a subsistence level to build wisdom and kindness instead of regress.

I welcome your knowledge build.


#Earthbag #Construction is a wise kind step in eco living


I’m impressed with the designs and breadth of these earthbag homes around the world.  Do we really need more than this for our daily living needs as conscientious ecocitizens.

I’d love to hear others thoughts and ideas for such construction.