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#activist #citizens make sense

Fellow Citizens,

While the subject of activist judges (?) is quite controversial, the activist citizen is unquestionable, indeed it is the mandate of every citizen to actively participate in the community that s/he lives in. If you do not learn how to engage your voice, how can you expect to understand how to engage the world you live in with meaning and even more challenging with grace and kindness in the duress of living need.

Take care with yourself and others as you exercise your agency whether as a seasoned adult or someone just learning and moving past the insular binds of psychological need. Maybe you can’t remove yourself from your passion, maybe others can’t remove themselves from their own and maybe neither can be healed. Patiently continue to try.

It’s important to measure your line in the sand against the needs of the many, to know when success is vital and when compromise is fair. The liberty will come in a gentle smile in knowing that you are participating in the world dialogue and serving as an example to others as you also learn from others how to engage more fully, kindly, respectfully and holistically.

Wisdom is the final frontier.

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